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In this Article we will be tackling two important issues:

In the first we will be talking about laws and decrees that dictated the establishment of the Ministry of Agriculture. 

In the second, we will be listing the Ministers of Agriculture.

   In 1920, the Ministry was not yet founded. However, a decree appeared in the same year dictating the establishment of a breeding center for horses. Moreover, Trabaud - the Governor of the Lebanon - had published another decree in the same year which prohibited the breeding of horses without a permit. In 1925, the decree no. 3044 appeared , dictating the establishment of a center for pest control. This decree was published by Leon Keyla , the Governor of the Lebanon at that time. In 1929, the decree no. 5190 was published. This decree emphasized the importance of establishing an Agricultural Machinery center. In 1932, the President of the Republic Charles Dabbas, published the decree no. 5190 which dictated the establishment of an Agricultural Machinery center. Moreover, the decree no. 1490 of 1933 was published emphasizing the importance of finding a trade name for each kind of exported fruits.

 In the second part of this article we will list the Ministers of Agriculture from 1943 till 2005; In a table that shows the names of the Prime Ministers, the corresponding Ministers of Agriculture and the period during which they took control of the Ministry of Agriculture. 

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